Chimney cakes, also known as kürtoskalács, is a recipe that originated in the 1400s in Transylvania, Romania. Although initially baked by rotating spits over cinders, the cake is now cooked in an electrical oven. The special raised dough is wrapped around a wooden stick, rolled in sugar, and placed on the oven. After the sugar caramelizes, it allows for toppings to stick to the dough. 

"They are so unique.It doesn't hurt that they are also delicious. I had never heard of anything like these before visiting the Transylvania Treats tent."

Sydney Ulmer


"I've had these before but, every time I go to the Transylvania Treats tent I am surprised by the freshness and deliciousness of the cakes "

Ileana Dima

Where can you find us?

You can find Transylvania Treats at Artisan Markets , Special Events and Festivals throughout San Antonio are and nearby cities. This is an opportunity to experience a tradition from the land of Dracula. You will encounter our sympathetic managers, along with our chefs and assistants. They will greet you with enormous pleasure, as our customer service is fantastic. 

Chimney Cakes Process

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